A mother whose son went missing in Donbas said to us: “There’s no news, but I don’t believe…” – and she did not finish her sentence. What didn’t she say aloud? What could she have meant? Maybe she cannot believe that her son has not been found. Or she does not believe that this tragedy happened in the first place. There are so many ways this phrase could end, so many meanings…

“But I would like to bring your attention to a phrase that I think is the most important: No news. No news means uncertainty. No news means ambiguity. No news means suffering.” – Alain Aeschlimann, the Head of UCRC Delegation in Kyiv explains the title of the art-installation. Art installation “No news, but I don’t believe…” takes its visitors into the entangled labyrinth of searching and waiting which surrounds the families of missing people. The installation was on display at Sofiis’ka Square in Kyiv from 30 August until 10 September 2017.


The walls of this labyrinth were made out of old pieces of apartments and houses. The visitors could walk through its corridors and feel how the families whose beloved one is missing live.

Стіни цього лабіринту складалися зі старих уламків квартир і будинків. Відвідувачі інсталяції пройшли по її коридорах і змогли відчути, як живуть люди, в яких хтось із родичів зник безвісти.#зниклібезвісти #missingpeople

Posted by Міжнародний Комітет Червоного Хреста в Україні on Mittwoch, 8. November 2017