“It seems to me that our faith saved my family and me that June day,” said a resident of Berdianske village, Vladimir Razumov, remembering the tragic events of 2015. “Usually during the shelling we stayed at our house but that fateful day hearing the intense sounds so close to home, we decided to go to our mother-in-law’s who lives nearby. When at last, it was quiet and the dust settled, I saw that several spent rounds were lying in my garden. One of the shells had landed inside our house, and several more had destroyed the garage and damaged a number of outbuildings.”

After spending several months at their relatives’ home, Vladimir and his children and wife returned to their family residence. The family did their best to earn more money to help with the repairs but their modest income still did not allow them to rebuild the house. Now, after two years of hardship, things have improved a bit. In October, the Razumovs became beneficiaries of a new ICRC program under which new houses are built for vulnerable families. People like Vladimir whose homes have been severely damaged as a result of hostilities and that can’t be restored can benefit from the program.

ICRC/Yevgen Nosenko


“Two weeks ago we started to build two three-room houses in Berdianske with an area of 56 sqm each,” said Oleksiy Pavlenko, ICRC Water and Habitat officer from Mariupol sub-delegation. “Each house will be equipped with stove heating and connected to water and electricity supplies. In addition, entrance ramps will be provided as there are people with disabilities in both families. Our team hopes to complete the work on schedule by December 2017 before winter. We hope the families will be able to celebrate New Year in their new homes.”